A unique vaccine

Mymetics is the global leader in know-how and research for virosome based vaccines.


A rich and validated

Multiple vaccine candidates and high value partnerships and collaboration with some of the world’s leading research funding organizations.


Prevention with
innovative science

Developing new generation of vaccines by blocking the virus at the mucosal and serum level, the main gateways of human infections. 


The world needs
many more vaccines

Only 26 diseases are addressed by vaccines in the world today. Our technology could be a tremendous asset to develop the next-generation vaccines and immunotherapies.

About us

More than 30 years of experience in the field of virosome vaccines, a unique R&D expertise, and intellectual property rights, makes Mymetics the global leader in this field. A focused strategy based on a sound scientific approach have resulted in the development a rich pipeline of vaccine candidates...

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Few companies in the world have developed such a powerful technology platform and a unique know-how to develop next-generation vaccines and immunotherapies for infectious and life disabling diseases...

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Two highly contagious viruses, with a high prevalence in developed countries, causing respiratory tract infections in patients of all ages. While seasonal Flu vaccines, efficacy can be improved and longer and broader protection is sought after. For RSV, there is currently no approved vaccine available.


With over 35 million victims, it is the fourth cause of mortality worldwide. Mymetic's HIV vaccine is the first with a demonstrated ability to prevent viral transmission in primates.


Malaria is an entirely preventable and treatable mosquito-borne illness, but still caused 435,000 deaths in 2017… we are developing a transmission blocking malaria vaccine.


New oncology immunotherapies, especially in the field of check point blockade / inhibitors, have provided significant progress in the treatment of certain cancers. Besides the proven safety and immunogenicity track record of virosome vaccines to generate antibodies, Mymetics’ virosomes are known to be able to trigger CD4+ and also CD8+ T cells through MHC-I presentation, providing an excellent platform to improve cancer immune therapies.


Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is transmitted by several species of mosquitos, which also are known to transmit Yellow Fever, Dengue and Zika. Symptoms of Chikungunya include joint pain, swelling and stiffness of the joints, headache, fatigue, nausea, rash and fever. Arthritis is the most common direct consequence of infection.

Key Partnership

Our virosome vaccine technology and know-how has been validated through high value partnerships and collaboration with some of the world’s leading research funding organizations.

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Mymetics Corporation is a US registered biotechnology company with its main office in Switzerland and a R&D laboratory in the Netherlands. Mymetics’ vision is to become the market leader in the development of new generation virosomes based vaccines and immunotherapies for infectious and life disabling diseases.

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